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About Us

Our company, CYSTEG, specializes in developing cutting-edge security solutions for products within the Operational Technology (OT) environment. We provide comprehensive consulting services across the entire product development life cycle, encompassing security management and the creation of industry-specific security guidelines, all in strict adherence to relevant security standards, laws, and regulations.

Our expertise extends to a diverse range of industries, including automotive, industrial control systems, maritime, railway, and defense, covering the entire supplier chain. With an experienced team boasting a proven track record, we have successfully undertaken significant projects for leading companies within these sectors. Our driving passion is harnessing technology to elevate product security, and our unwavering commitment is to make a lasting positive impact on the industry.

Projects on

Automotive Industry
Our team has led the way in integrating cutting-edge Lidar and BMS technology within the automotive sector. We provided extensive support in governance activities, ensuring robust product cybersecurity from conception to implementation. Our work has set new standards in vehicle safety and operational efficiency.
Industrial Automation and Control System
Our project with IACS for power gensets has revolutionized power management and distribution. We’ve driven advancements in system reliability and efficiency, ensuring these critical components meet the highest security and operational benchmarks.
Defense Industry
In the defense sector, our work with tank technology has contributed to significant enhancements in security and combat readiness. Our team has been instrumental in integrating advanced security measures and operational capabilities, reinforcing the strength and reliability of defense assets.
Railway Industry
In the railway industry, we’ve pioneered the development of hybrid power packs, contributing to more sustainable and efficient train systems. Our involvement spanned from technical design to compliance, focusing on enhancing performance while meeting stringent industry standards.
Maritime Industry
For the maritime industry, our focus on automation and navigation systems has set new horizons in vessel operation and management. Our contributions have led to smarter, safer, and more efficient maritime operations, underpinned by our commitment to security and regulatory compliance.
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